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Brown Wheat Seeds Pure DBW 222 Wheat Seeds Gehu Ka Bheej | 20 KG

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  • Wider sowing window
  • Resistance to fungal diseases
  • It will reduce unit costs for farmers as well as return higher yield than normal varieties.
  • The variety recorded better chapatti quality score (7.50), higher loaf volume (648 mL), and higher biscuit spread factor (8.45) than the checks. It had perfect Glu-1 score (10), indicating better protein quality.


DBW222 is characterized by a potential yield of 8210 kg ha-1 under high fertility when sown in timely conditions in North India. It possesses better agronomic attributes and has better adaption to sowing time, high rust resistance, quality attributes, and lodging tolerance because of a shorter 2 nd internode and wider diameter.

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‎10 x 10 x 10 cm; 20 Kilograms


20 kg


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