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Brown Wheat Seeds | Pure DBW 303 Wheat Seeds Gehu Ka Bheej | 10 KG

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  • Sowing of wheat seeds is 6 to 8 kg per bigha
  • Period of Spike Emergence- 99 days
  • 90-95% Germination
  • Highly resistant to Karnal bunt, Powdery mildew, loose smut and foot rot
  • Average Plant Height- 88cm


DBW303 (Karan Vaishnavi), has been developed for early planting, irrigated conditions of North Western Plains Zone.This variety has an average yield of 81.2 q/ha, and a potential yield of 97.4 q/ha. DBW 303 has a good Chapati score and an average plant height is 101cm.It matures in 156 days and has extremely high resistance to black and yellow rust. DBW 303 is having desirable plant architecture with robust stem and a long compact spike with high grain numbers and medium maturity duration. Ear shape is tapering with intermediate density. The grains are oblong, amber coloured with 1000 grain weight of 42 g. It is resistant to most virulent and prevalent pathotypes of yellow, brown and black rusts under artificial and natural conditions. It is also resistant to wheat blast and most other foliar diseases. Resistance gene Yr2+ (yellow rust), Lr13+ (brown rust) have been postulated in this variety through multipathotype testing. DBW 303 has uncharacterized Sr gene which imparts resistance against all the stem rust pathotypes in India. DBW 303 recorded good chapati-making score (7.9) along with high protein content (12.1%), high wet and dry gluten (34.9 and 11.3%), good bread quality (6.4/10) and high sedimentation value (64.8) thus suitable for multiple end products.

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‎10 x 10 x 10 cm; 10 Kilograms


10 kg


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