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Brown Wheat Seeds Pure Pusa Karan Vandana (DBW 187) Wheat Seeds Gehu Ka Bheej | 10 KG

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  • It is rich in protein and iron.
  • It is resistant to yellow rust and wheat blast which causes widespread losses.
  • It will reduce unit costs for farmers as well as return higher yield than normal varieties.
  • It has high heat tolerance across the country.


The wheat variety of DBW-187 is extremely rich in protein and iron. At a demonstration function at the IIWBR, various farmers from Haryana, Punjab, western UP and Rajasthan showed their interest in this Karan Vandana variety of wheat. These farmers have asked the govt. to provide them these high yield wheat seeds. So now, the IIWBR is going to send a proposal to the central government for its release for north western states. The existing variety of wheat seeds have around 10% to 12% protein content while the iron content if 30 to 40 parts per million (PPM). But the DBW-187 (Karan Vandana) variety of wheat has more than 12% protein and more than 42 PPM of iron. The yield from the new DBW-187 seeds would be around 7.5 tonnes per hectare in comparison of 6.5 tonnes from normal wheat variety. DBW-187 quality of wheat has high heat tolerance in breeding programmes across the country. The new Karan Vandana variety of wheat is also resistant to yellow rust and wheat blast disease. These high quality seeds of wheat are going to replace HD-2967 and HD-3086 wheat varieties.

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