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Ginger Pickle (Adrak ka Achaar) | No Preservatives Adrak ka Achaar 450 GM

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  • Our pickle and murabba are made in small batches, Ginger Pickle (Adrak ka Achaar) is made carefully by selecting karela vegetable and cutting them into pieces, marinated in selected “Hand Grounded Masala” and very less virgin mustard oil. Its healthy & tasty.
  • Cut pieces and sliced not whole ginger pieces.
  • Made from Farm Fresh ingredients curated naturally.
  • Made with groundnut oil and Hand Grounded Masala : Store in a cool and dry place away from moisture. We take care that products sent out are from the freshest batch
  • No Preservative and Artificial Colors: The Ginger Pickle (Adrak ka Achaar) is sundried and naturally preserved and hence does not contain any artificial colors, artificial flavors or preservatives


Sakshi Farms Pickles are of Premium Quality. These premium quality foods are sold in a food-safe sealed glass bottles and are hygienically packed. We are known for offering organic, healthy food products which are distinguished by their quality.

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450 g


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